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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Impatiently Awaiting Spring's Arrival

I can't take it any longer! I need to see some SPRING!!! 

Wow, this year the winter has been so cold, so much snow, so harsh! I can't remember ever wanting to see signs of Spring so badly before! So rather than impatiently waiting for Spring's arrival, I'm going to hurry it up here, in pictures and the sweet sound of singing birds.

Thanks to bxgirl45 on youtube for this amazing video! I really needed this today!

One of the most significant first signs of Spring are the buds on the trees. I search for them and I covet them. This tells me the end to the long cold winter is at hand!! 
For more beautiful photos, visit lilypadprints!
When you first see a nest filled with eggs, especially Robin's eggs, you know that spring  is just around the corner!

Blossoms, yes, sweet smelling, beautiful blossoms! Thanks to ImagesByCW this shot is what I've longed to see!

Wake up little birds, let me hear your sweet song!

See more amazing photos at BeneathNorthernSkies!

Being a vintage seller, Spring also triggers a mood for flea marketing, rummage sales, antique auctions and the beginning of yard sales! I wonder what treasures I'll come across this Spring!!

Here are a few treasures I discovered at previous sales and all are available in my vintage shop at this time.

 ...And here, a few treasures I've created in my handmade shop.

I guess all I really want is to see beautiful green grass!


  1. Wonderful Spring finds!! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for visiting AngieR!! Hope your Spring is full of sunshine & flowers!

  2. I can understand why you are looking for spring - online. It is March, we just turned the clock to summertime and I see lots of snow outside... I cannot wait for it to warm up again. Thank you for the feature!

    1. You are very welcome Claudia, I love your shop! Yes, it seems like this year the snow is sticking around! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lovely blog entry. The pictures posted sure add to the feeling of springtime. (it has already started here)

    1. Thank you Ishje, I wish it would start here, I got stuck in the snowstorm on Wednesday in Syracuse, luckily was able to stay an additional day in my hotel room! Really can't wait for Spring now!