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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Finally Did It!!

As the 1 year anniversary of the opening of my "Altered Eco Designs" shop on Etsy and my first craft show are fast approaching, I finally decided to do something. 

Make my own shop sign!

Over the past year I have been creating garlands and buntings for customers, mostly for weddings, graduations and birthday parties. Many of my custom orders, however, have been for shop owners who wanted a garland or bunting for either their tent, booth or brick & mortar shop. 

So, I finally decided it was time I made one for myself, after all, I am suppose to be my own best advertiser!

....and voila! Here it is!

I love natural elements so burlap was the best backing choice. 

Since my shop is eco friendly, I decided to add little "eco globes" (free printable clip art found on the web) printed on laminated burlap sheets as an embellishment for outer corners on the top.  

My artwork and decorations are also based on the use of new and vintage recycled materials. I wanted to bring that element into the design so as to make it a reflection of my shop. 

I had a vintage lace curtain panel that I decided to use to make the flags. It had some stains, but, there was plenty of lace to use after cutting off the stained parts and there's still plenty left for a future project. 

After attaching the flags to the burlap, I applied seam binding to the top edge of the banner, then, printed my letters on to laminated burlap sheets (sold at Walmart in packs of three 8x10 sheets for about $10.00), cut them out into squares and attached them to the flags. Finally, I hot glued lengths of scrap seam binding on each end for tying as needed, for this , as well as, any future shows. 

FYI: I don't sew.......ANYTHING!!  
I once sewed my finger when I was a teenager, so I am not a fan. I will hand sew as needed, if the occasion arises. However, my tools for adhering materials together are: a glue gun, super glue or heat bond and a hot iron, that goes for everything I make in my shop.

All of my banners & buntings are fused with heat bond layered between the materials, the heat fuses the materials together. What I really like about it is, you don't see any stitches. The result is a stiff form and pretty much a permanent seal. 

**A word of caution, though, if you decide to use this to make your own, DO NOT use the iron on the STEAM setting when using the heat bond. 

Well, that is it! 

I hope you like my new sign and for those interested in attending the show (see the show info listed below), I will be there representing both my handmade and vintage shops here: 

If you are going to be in the area on the day of the show, I would love to have you visit my booth. If you do, mention you found me on my blog and ask for YOUR FREE GIFT from my handmade shop!



Saturday, April 5 –  10am to 3pm – located in the clubhouse half of Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack – something for everyone – crafts, antiques, garage/yard sale tables and much more. 
The link below includes a map of the event location. 

Finger Lakes Gaming & Race Track 

5857 Rte 96, Farmington, NY

FLTAP Spring Bazaar

 A $2.00 donation at the door is to benefit the Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program. 

Donations help pay for feed, upkeep of the facility and veterinary care for the thoroughbreds. 
"The primary purpose of this program is to place Thoroughbreds from Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack into suitable adoptive homes or other approved equine placement organizations once their career on the racetrack has come to an end. It is our hope that providing this service will provide an alternative for functional horses so that they don't end up in dire circumstances and cut down on the number of horses continuing to race when they are past their prime, thus making our sport safer for all, especially our equine athletes.

Learn more about this great program here:

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Impatiently Awaiting Spring's Arrival

I can't take it any longer! I need to see some SPRING!!! 

Wow, this year the winter has been so cold, so much snow, so harsh! I can't remember ever wanting to see signs of Spring so badly before! So rather than impatiently waiting for Spring's arrival, I'm going to hurry it up here, in pictures and the sweet sound of singing birds.

Thanks to bxgirl45 on youtube for this amazing video! I really needed this today!

One of the most significant first signs of Spring are the buds on the trees. I search for them and I covet them. This tells me the end to the long cold winter is at hand!! 
For more beautiful photos, visit lilypadprints!
When you first see a nest filled with eggs, especially Robin's eggs, you know that spring  is just around the corner!

Blossoms, yes, sweet smelling, beautiful blossoms! Thanks to ImagesByCW this shot is what I've longed to see!

Wake up little birds, let me hear your sweet song!

See more amazing photos at BeneathNorthernSkies!

Being a vintage seller, Spring also triggers a mood for flea marketing, rummage sales, antique auctions and the beginning of yard sales! I wonder what treasures I'll come across this Spring!!

Here are a few treasures I discovered at previous sales and all are available in my vintage shop at this time.

 ...And here, a few treasures I've created in my handmade shop.

I guess all I really want is to see beautiful green grass!