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Monday, October 1, 2012



Ahhh Autumn... as the leaves change and fall from the trees littering the ground with color, I begin to feel nostalgic..


As a kid the change of the season would trigger a sense of excitement for HALLOWEEN and trick-or-treating. My brothers & sisters and I had fun creating our own costumes, although we did wear store bought too, the ones we loved best and most remember are the ones we made. I've been a cat, princess, bum even a playboy bunny (ok that was when I was older and wore it while working as a cocktail waitress on Halloween, still it was handmade and turned out great!). In those days, late 1960s early 1970s, a lot of kids in our neighborhood did the same thing. I had two friends who, one year, turned themselves into Siamese twins by sewing pant legs and arms of shirts together, they had to get used to walking with the "middle" leg which was funny in itself and I still think it was one of the best costumes ever!

Awesome Red Riding Hood cape for an adult at Jeanine Designs, click on the link to visit this fabulous shop!

Once, my late brother Richard and I went trick-or-treating in our store bought costumes and after we arrived back home, decided to make new costumes and go out again. We raced to get ready, it was an adventure! We dumped our pillow cases filled with our "loot" and put on large shirts stuffed with pillows and belted them to keep them up, dirtied our faces with ashes from an ashtray (yes, people smoked in our houses then), messed up our hair and went out again as BUMS to the same houses.  I don't remember another Halloween where we laughed so hard and had so much fun, while doubling our "booty" and "tricking" the whole neighborhood at the same time! It's one occasion I'll always cherish!

This is absolutely adorable and had to have taken a lot of time to make! Such great detail, I love it! Check out shop Boo Bah Blue for more great handmade costumes by clicking on this link.

As an adult, with my own two girls, that "tradition" continued. When they  were younger, I couldn't always afford store bought costumes, so we had to make our own. My eldest daughter reminded me, recently, with a photo of her and her sister in handmade princess costumes. I seriously mean handmade too, I sewed all the seams by hand because I sewed my finger once as a teenager and never wanted to use a machine again. My daughter said she still remembers the collar. It was made from bulk cotton that I attached to the fabric then added strokes of black magic marker to represent quills. Cone shaped hats with fabric streamers and a couple of handmade wands completed the outfits. We kept them for dress up play later on as I usually kept a bin of  dress up clothes for them to play with year round and which I  got from thrift stores. I shopped thrift stores before it was COOL, because I was a single parent....not because it was trendy!!

Creating our own costumes and decorations made the holidays just a little more special and I thought it would be fun to see what other sellers have made for this year! Since i'm also and antique lover...I decided to add some vintage halloween items too! Here are some great shops on Etsy for Halloween!

The detail on this leather mask is amazing! Check out all the great leather masks from LME Masks by clicking on the link here to their shop. 

Two things I love are primitives and Halloween and this creation is what I call perfect! Visit paper jar by clicking on the link below, for more great merchandise, you'll be glad you did, the shop is amazing!

Sometimes you just need to add final touches to a costume you are creating and Seamstress By The Sea has the perfect thing..........GLOVES! Check out all her amazing pairs by clicking the link here! 

I am amazed at all of the fabulous vintage items in Veraviola's shop and these fun vintage finds are perfect for your Halloween decor! Check out all the great vintage items in Veravoila's shop by clicking on this link!

My daughter Alice created these, she's so creative! I love everything she does! Please visit her shop by clicking on this link, she is on vacation at this time, however, enjoying her new baby boy, my grandson Owen Henry!

I absolutely love these! Check out this great shop for more masks! Grin, Grimace and Squeak is an awesome shop and you can visit them by clicking on this link!


Here is a fabulous handmade black cat pendant necklace from Crystal Mist Cottages, what a fun shop!!

My niece Lee is a graphics artist and has a shop on Etsy called Peartreespace, she has a wonderful selection of invitations, announcements, holiday and photo cards, including this adorable Halloween party invitation! Here is the link to her shop.  

And of course what kind of a Halloween would it be without the old trick or treat baskets! Rubyfloy offers these fabulous vintage ones and here is the link to her shop for more great vintage. 

Finally, here are a few of my own creations you'll find for sale in my Etsy, Zibbet  and Bonanza shops!!

Double scarecrow decoration, like all my assemblages this was made from recycled materials!

A Gothic Wedding shadow box is a perfect Halloween display item, made from a vintage cigar box and recycled objects!

This was one of my favorite projects I call "The Halloween Party"

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A Halloween shadow box decoupaged and decorated on all sides for an awesome Halloween display item, made from a vintage cigar box and recycled objects!

I make natural vine wreaths for all occasions, using vines found in my backyard during the spring thaw. I use recycled objects to decorate them with and they all have decorative ribbons tied off in a bow at the top!
These are part of a complete one of a kind Halloween party package I have listed in my Etsy shop, there is only one available!
I have a few ornies or bowl fillers this year all hand stitched and tied off with jute!

One of my creations for this season is a tribute to the classic film "The Wolfman" I call this one Maleva's Prophecy, featuring an antique cdv of a Victorian woman who I thought looked like the gypsy character in the movie!

A Black Widow natural vine wreath!!

And last but not least, I love to create altered art dolls and ornaments using vintage wooden clothespins, here are a vampire, Uncle Fester & Thing and another scarecrow. I am continuing my series of Halloween characters and will be adding more in my shops so please have a look to see what's new.




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