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Sunday, April 5, 2009


I thought it was time to show some pics of our house renovations, my husband and I are doing all the work ourselves, his late brother helped with the kitchen cabinets, we also had some family and friends help with the rafters over the kitchen, drywall and floors too. Of course the siding, roof, and bay window we hired out, but most of the work is our own. We designed each room and the landscaping ourselves too! We have been here for 10 years now, and we still have a long way to go before we are finished, but I love our house and what we've done with it so far.

This first pic came from my husband Gary's cousins, who happen to live next door, this was his mother's cousins house (makes him a 3rd cousin) and he actually played here when he was a child (although he doesn't remember it). All 10 of their kids were born in this house, I came from a family of 10 kids myself, makes me feel this was meant to be!

The house here (colorized by our cousins) is back in the old days, I think 30's or 40's. When we purchased it, there was old yellow vinyl siding covering it at that time, the old stucco was mostly gone (although we did retain a patch over the kitchen in our attic crawlspace), the porches were falling down, the wisteria on the front porch had taken it's toll and the roof was ready to tumble! So first we resided & reroofed the place, got a new septic tank, tore down the porches (although the roof is left from the side porch). We've decided we'll put an addition on someday, god willing, for a game room, laundry/pantry, front entrance and an entrance into the basement. The stairs we have going to the basement now are horrible!

We added a RHINO deck on the front (i'm allergic to pressure treated wood so this was the best material for us and it looks great!) and a flower bed, both took some time and many nights using ICY HOT for our sore muscles! Our house is on a little over an acre of land that borders a road and some farm land so we aren't crowded by houses and we have some spectacular views!!! Thus the reason I wanted a new bay window in the front! I was so excited to be able to have my Christmas tree finally seen from outside, and I have always wanted a window seat (i'll have to hit my sister up for a cushion since she sews)!! The living room is in the process of being remodeled now, we are looking at propane fireplaces and hopefully will have this done by the end of the year. TIME AND MONEY PERMITTING!!!

And here is where we are today! We still have shutters that need to be added just to button it all up (along with some trees, shrubs and flowers too!), once we have our addition put on, we will reroof the porch (it will just be a lot longer than the original), and i'll have a new front door to a seperate entrance way, right now you enter what will one day be my dining room! (NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!).

Our view across the street was enhanced one day by this huge rainbow, I could barely get half of it in the pic!
stay tuned for more posts on the rest of the house..........


  1. Wow, I love that first pic of the house...I have never seen that one before...looks so cute. And I love the pic of the rainbow too ;)

  2. thanks honey, it's about time I put these up anyway! haha

    tomorrow i'm going to put up my secret garden renovation and flower bed pics....

    thanks for posting!!!