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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well another year has passed and like many people, I am starting new ventures! I have a blog now which I never had before, I have a new website thanks to my lovely daughter Alice, and my etsy site is gaining new publicity as well!!! I was offered a teacher position for school age children at the day care where I work and happily accepted!! I love kids and with all the craft projects my daughters come up with, I might surprise some of these kids!!!

I hope this is a prosperous year for us all, as we all need it and hope that the future will be brighter for everyone!!

I added a new recipe to "My Favorite Recipes" blog, so take a look and enjoy!! As soon as I learn how to make "tags" i'll change the way my recipes are listed!

I am going to be adding new items to my website over the weekend so be sure to stop by my website for some great merchandise at reasonable prices!!


One thing i'm going to be listing is an antique baby buggy or pram/stroller that I recently purchased at an auction. I think it would make an excellent display item for any antique collector!!! I really should have put it under our tree and filled it with old dolls and toys but I didn't think about it until afterwards! (that's usually when things happen for me! always a day late and a dollar short)!! I'll be adding a pic of it later as it's in the garage right now and it's soooooooooo cold outside!!!

My daughter also featured me on her blog page, please take a look, it was a nice surprise!!


So everyone enjoy the upcoming 2009 calendar year!!! I will be posting more again soon!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  1. I hope it is a very prosperous and wonderful new year for you too ;) Thanks for all of the support you have given me throughout all of my years...I hope I can return the favor to you in the new one ahead ;)

    Renoir says happy new year gamma!

  2. haha well you have also helped me throughout the years Alice!!! You and Angela, can't thank you enough! My thanks is your my girls and that is enough for me!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH DEARLY!!!

    hey thanks goooooooooood girl hope you follow my blog!!!

  3. Glad to hear that your 2009 is starting off really well! Love your shop and your blog! Happy 2009!

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  5. thank you! love your site Craig White

    wasn't trying to make a rhyme there but hey sounds good!