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Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is my first BLOG page so please bear with me while I learn!!!

I will attempt to add something daily or at least weekly at first as time permits. Here I will discuss things i've learned along the way regarding selling antiques and collectibles, with 25 years of experience I will hopefully give you some good information.

My family and home will also be prominent here as they are the most important in my life! Married to my husband of 16+ years, Gary, is a wonderful guy whose also been an excellent stepfather to my children, helped me raise my two daughters, Alice & Angela both beautiful inside & out!!
We also happily welcomed a son-in-law Josh (Alice's husband) into our family and hopefully one day soon well will add Jeff (Angela's boyfriend) as another son-in-law too! I am very proud of all of them!!
I also come from a family of TEN yes I said TEN children! So, pictures and stories will be shared that will hopefully make you laugh, cry, smile or just warm your heart!!

There will be household tips and some of my favorite recipes I would love to share with you!! So enjoy your stay and please checkout my new website (still in the process of building) for some great merchandise!!!


  1. Yay! Your very first blog! Can't wait to help you personalize it and your website!!! Congrats on both ;) Josh, Renoir and I love you!!!

    Mawy Kismes Gamma!
    Kisses from Renoir ;)

  2. Hi Alice's Mom,
    I couldn't find your name anywhere. Congratulations on your first blog. I LOVE reading blogs and I'm thinking of starting my own but not brave enough, LOL Besides that would cut into my blog reading time, teehee.

    I came from your daughters blog. It's lovely isn't it? So is she. I have two grown daughters myself and can you believe 8 wonderful grandkids. Both my daughters married quite young as I did.
    I help to homeschool all my grandchildren. I teach them arts, crafts, etiquette, and the art of taking tea. I enjoy it so much.

    Well, I can't wait to hear more about your family. Guess what? I'm the oldest of ten. Go figure. I already feel a kinship with you. I'll be glad when I find out your first name.

    Have a lovely evening,
    Miss Lila in Atlanta

  3. Hello Miss Lila!!

    You sound like a busy woman indeed!! It's nice to hear how grandparents nurture their grandkids, i'm still hoping to be a grandma some day not to far in the future!!! (Hope you read this Alice & Josh!!) hehehe

    Thank you for your comments Lila, yes I am very proud of Alice and all of her accomplishments, I don't know why I was blessed with 2 perfect children since I was so bad when I was young (my poor mother!), but I am very happy they are mine! Oldest of ten that's great!!! I wouldn't have had it any other way! We did lose one brother back in 1988 to pancreatic cancer, hardly seems that 20 years has gone by, I still cry when I think of him and when a certain song plays on the radio the tears are instant!

    We had 5 girls and 5 boys. This summer we had a family reunion/64th wedding anniversary for my parents! Mom is in a nursing home but thriving so I am glad she is there now, dad drives over to see her everyday. They play cards, it's kind of funny to watch since they play draw poker and sometimes my dad forgets to swap cards or swaps twice (we tease him for cheating but mom seems to always win anyway!) they are truly the best parents anyone could have!! I've posted a picture of them this was taken a few years back at Alice's graduation from college.

    Well it's late and time to get to sleep, i've been up looking for Victorian and English Christmas recipes, I think I would like to do a more traditional dinner this year and it's a lot of fun reading some of the customs of that era!

    Oh and my name is Janine, Alice emailed me explaining that I had left my own name off this page!! OOPS! OLD AGE what can I say!!!

    Have a wonderful Holiday!!!

    I do hope everyone has a holiday filled with love of family and friends, good health and that we remember what Christmas is all about, the birth of Jesus not what we get or don't get under the tree!! To be good to people throughout the year not just on Christmas day!!!



  4. I'm just starting too!
    Good luck...and Enjoy!

  5. Welcome to Blog Land... Watch out once you start, it's so hard to put the computer down.

    Found you through your lovely daughter, Alice.

    Can't wait to hear all your stories. Off to check out your store.

  6. Thanks for all the comments!!! This is fun and exciting! I'll be posting more very soon!!! I'm very happy that people are finding there way to me from my daughter's websites! It's just another part of the wonderful bond we have and I love it!!!

    Peace & Love to all!!!